Vi-PEC Motormanagement

De Vi-PEC en de Link ECU zijn identiek aan elkaar, De computers zijn alleen qua verpakking etc verschillend. Wilt u een Link ECU dan is dit geen enkel probleem!

Vi-PEC offers versatile, intelligent, performance engine controls with a range of ECUs, both WireIn and PlugIn. Engine management has never been easier or more reliable.

Vi-PEC fuel injection and engine management systems were developed to fill a gap in the market for ECUs that were reliable, powerful, easy to tune and having features that worked correctly. Vi-PEC is willing to listen to what the market wants and dedicated to giving customers excellent support.

Vi-PEC produces two main engine management models – the V44 and V88. Vi-PEC also has PlugIn ECUs based on the V44 and V88 for an ever increasing range of vehicles, including Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, BMW, Honda, Holden with more being added. All offer three dimensional mapping of fuel and ignition and are fully sequential up to eight cylinder (four cylinder for V44). Support for up to twelve cylinder wasted spark.

Vi-PEC software has advanced tuning tools like QuickTune which enables hands free tuning with no input is required from the user other than running the engine through its various RPM and load sites. Features TuneAhead which tunes cell around the site being tuned.

Motorsport features like Anti-lag, Gear Cut control and Launch control are standard features on the V44, V88 and PlugIn ECUs.

The V88 model has E-Throttle (Electronic Throttle Control). This was developed using automotive industry standards and ensures accurate and safe throttle control.

Both V44 and V88 ECUs support full closed loop and quad variable valve timing control.

Peak and hold injector drivers on the V88 are 10 amp (4 amp on V44). Both the peak Amps and hold Amps can be set separately in the software for optimum injector control.

The engine management systems are well designed with special attention to resistance to interference from other engine components. The main processor is soldered to the ECU board and not in a socket. This ensures a high level of reliability. All models can be in-field upgraded by downloading the latest firmware.

Marine versions of the V44 and V88 are available. These are not just in a sealed case like other makes of ECU. The whole case of the Vi-PEC ECUs are filled with Silicon making them 100% water proof at all times. The V44 model is ideal for small water craft like JetSki’s, the V88 for ski race boats.

All ECU are shipped in retail packaging.

A range of accessories, such as a Digital Knock Amplifier Kit, sensors, etc and other products are available.