AMS Alpha10 Nissan GT-R

AMS Performance Nissan GT-R Alpha 10 PackageDBM Engineering will tune in the upcoming months a complete Alpa 10 package and will do alot of additional upgrades on a 2012 Nissan GT-R.

In short we will build a 1.000+ Nissan GT-R and to acomplish thi samount safely we will modify alot of parts on this car:

Completely rebuild the engine internals, turbo’s, intercooler, cooling, electronics etc..

The project is nearly finished and testing and mapping is coming soon, all parts were special coated in matt black wrinkle. Look at the pictures below to get an impression.

ws1 ws2 ws3 ws4 ws5 ws6 ws7 ws8 ws9 ws10 ws11 ws12

Transmission upgrades

We will start explaining the transmission upgrades, to handle the 1.100+ horsepower and the high torque we will use the reinforced gearkits from dodson in combination with the Cir-clips, O-ring kit and gearstops. We will flow the oilpump canals and add a good oilcooler pack. The item that probably will be bashed the hardest will be the clutchpack. To not take any risks with this item we choos the Xtreme Billet clutch system from SVM. Below some details for this great piece of machining.

  • SVM 18 Plate Billet Clutch System
  • Wider then OE Carbon Composite Frictions (37% Wider than OE)
  • Wider than OE High Tensile Steels (37% Wider than OE)
  • 1.3mm Steels
  • Overall 100% Greater Surface area than Original Equipment
  • 18 Plates Precision engineered
  • Billet Inner Basket A – Shot Peaned – One Piece – Heat Treated
  • Billet Inner Basket B – Shot Peaned – One Piece – Heat Treated
  • Billet Outer Carrier – High Tensile Steel – Non Welded – One Piece
  • 1.4kgs Lighter than the nearest competitor
  • Up-rated Piston Seals rated @ 200’c +
  • One Piece Billet Piston B (Eliminates majority of the noise that GT-R’s can suffer with in changing from 2nd to 3rd gear.
  • Tested in our own GT-R up-to 1400BHP over 20 Drag Runs and also on Rolling Road
  • Noticeably smoother Clutch Engagements than our nearest motorsport clutch system especially on downshifts
  • This Clutch has been used in GT-R’s all over the World, Singapore, Dubai, Austrialia

The Original 1e gear shaft will be upgraded, on the pictures below the difference is seen in thickness. Also gearlock, O-rings and filters will be exchanged.
All these upgrades will result in a smooth gearbox that can handle up to 1.400hp.

The exhaust system also has to handle a bit more air than your average 600-850hp GTR. We chose the GTC Titan 102mm to handle this. The midpipe is stainless 102mm without cats.

On the photo the difference in diameter can be seen between an akropovic and the GTC titan 102.

Team DBM Engineering