DBM supplies all RB26 nissan engine parts, OEM, aftermarket and performance. In this section we state all internal engine parts needed to renew a complete engine. If your part or brand is not on there please call us or send an email. We also have a big amount of second hand parts in our warehouse.

Brand Type Order nr Engine type Description Price
JE Piston set JE-209849 RB26DETT 86.50mm 8.2:1 € 999
JE Piston set JE-209855 RB26DETT 87.00mm 8.2:1 € 999
Wiseco Piston set WK591M865 RB26DETT (14cc)7.9-8.25:1 Dia.:86.50mm € 875
Wiseco Piston set WK591M87 RB26DETT (14cc)7.9-8.25:1 Dia.:87.00mm € 875
Wiseco Piston set WK591M875 RB26DETT (14cc)7.9-8.25:1 Dia.:87.50mm € 875
Cometic Headgasket WC4319-051 RB26DETT 6 CYL 86mm 1,3mm MLS head € 194
Cometic Headgasket WC4319-060 RB26DETT 6 CYL 86mm 1,5mm MLS-5 head € 233
Cometic Headgasket WC4320-051 RB26DETT 6 CYL 87mm 1,3mm MLS head € 194
Cometic Headgasket WC4320-060 RB26DETT 6 CYL 87mm 1,5mm MLS-5 head € 233
Cometic Headgasket WC4321-051 RB26DETT 6 CYL 88mm 1,3mm MLS head € 194
Cometic Headgasket WC4321-060 RB26DETT 6 CYL 88mm 1,5mm MLS-5 head € 233
K1 Conrodset NH4783AEFB6A RB25/26 H Beam 121,5mm Set of 6 € 731
Carrillo Conrodset DARBSA64783H06 RB25/26 Super-A Set WMC Bolts € 1.578
Carrillo Conrodset DARB264783H06 RB25/26 Pro-H Set WMC Bolts € 1.935
ARP Rod bolt kit ARP-202-6007 RB26DETT 11/32′ € 114
ACL Conrodbearing ABNRB256B2960HX RB25/26 X version € 87
ACL Mainbearing ABNRB267M2428HX RB26DETT X version € 173
Brand Type Order nr Engine type Description Price
OEM Waterpump DB-010-U36 RB26 Original waterpump STD € 178
OEM Waterpump DB-010-U37 RB25/26 Original waterpump N1 € 481
OEM Oilpump 15010-24U01 RB25/26 Original oilpump N1 € 330
Nitto Oilpump Nitto NIT-OIL-RB26 RB25/26 Oilpump Nitto High Volume € 1.595
OEM Timing Belt AY440-NS014 RB25/26 STD € 85
Greddy Timing Belt 135224500 RB25/26 High performance € 173
OEM Tensioner Pulley DB-70- 42L00 RB25/26 Original tensioner puley € 99
OEM Idler Pulley DB-74-58S00 RB25/26 Original Idler pulley € 99
OEM Tensioner Bold DB-78-00101 RB25/26 Original Bold € 12
OEM Oil pump gasket DB-66-71L00 RB25/26 Pump gasket (block/pump) € 9
OEM Main Cranck 12200-05U03 RB26 Main Cranck N1 R34/R33 € 1.595
OEM Rear main seal 13510-10Y10 RB25/26 Rear main Cranck seal € 12,50
OEM Front Main seal 12279-5L310 RB25/26 Cranck front main seal (pump) € 22
OEM Intake gasket 14035-75T01 RB26 Gasket cil. head/manifold, steel € 59
OEM Woodruff key 00926-51600 RB20/25/26 Cranck key needed for pulley € 2,50
OEM Thermostat 21200-42L06 RB25/26 Original thermosstat € 27,50
OEM Exhaust Gasket 14036-05U00 RB26 Gasketexhaust cilhead/manifold € 40
NGK Spark plug BKR-7EIX RB25/26 Iridium race plug #7 € 24,50
NGK Spark plug BKR-8EIX RB25/26 Iridium race plug #8 € 24,50
OEM Cover gaskets 13270-58S01 RB25/26 Rocker cover gasket € 23,95
OEM Cover gasket 13270-58S11 RB25/26 Rocker cover gasket € 23,95
OEM Camshaftseal 13042-16V00 RB25/26 set of 2 € 25
OEM Oil block gasket 15239-71L00 RB25/26 Oil filter bracket gasket € 4,50
OEM Gasketkit turbo 14401-24U26 RB26 Gasketkit turbo R34 € 175
OEM Exhaust stud 01151-00471 RB25/26 Exhaust manifold studs ppc. € 3,25