Carbonetics nieuwe K20A Honda Integra/Civic Type R Pro-Blade clutch

The Pro Blade is the latest offering from Carbonetic which is specifically designed for the Mitsubishi 4-9 Evo and now the Honda k20 Integra and Civic type R. The Pro-Blade is the answer to the Honda owners who require a clutch that suits their tuned daily driven tuned road and track Honda K20. The Pro-Blade utilises our Blade carbon/carbon clutch that offers unrivalled performance in the single plate carbon clutch category.

The Pro-Blade is one of the strongest single plate clutches on the market and far superior than any organic or metal sintered clutch, capable of safely holding 550 + BHP and 650+ NM of torque.

The Pro Blade offers incredible ease of use;  clutch pedal modulation that which near OEM performance, judder is near non-existent, gear changes are quicker, the clutch is near silent in operation, while transmission impact has reduced even further thanks to the damper hub on the Blade, no prior warm up needed and the rotating mass is reduced thanks to the new Carbonetic Flywheel and lightweight carbon disc.









– Short break-in time (100-200km)
– Stock like pedal feel
– Works from cold
– Very easy to drive on the street, smooth clutch pedal modulation like OEM
– Longer life span over stock
– Better performance than any other single clutch kit on the market
– Save over 5kg compared to stock clutches
– Capable of holding 550 BHP
– Faster gear changes due to less rotating mass

Retails Euro 1.135,- incl BTW

Kit Includes

• Pressure plate
• Blade Clutch Disc
• Lightweight Flywheel
• Pull to Push Conversion Kit
• Release bearing and hardware

Part number: ABH23132-16

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